5 Tips To Shine In Investing In Gold Coins

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When it comes to investing in gold coins it is difficult to shine among other investors. There are a lot of factors to consider and finding the best time to buy and sell can be difficult, especially when the market can change quickly with the internet playing such a major role. Here are five tips to help you shine in the gold coin world!

Perform Continuing Research

In any industry that you wish to get started in you should perform continuing research. This means that when you start in the gold coin market you will do the research that you need to get started but you will continue to do more research. This allows you to know how the market changes and allows you to learn to predict changes without the help of an advisor.

News articles, prices, and financial magazines will help you get a better understanding of the gold market and the more you stay up on the market the better you will do.

Market Tracking App

The famous catch phrase “There’s an app for that” is true. There are plenty of apps to help you track the value of gold. Downloading one of these apps to your phone and using a widget to keep you constantly updated on the price of gold will allow you to simply open your phone to get an update on the market. The internet is a very fluid network and with it sellers and buyers can communicate near instantly. Being without connection even for a couple hours could cost you a chance at a good sale or buy.

Store Your Gold Safely

There have been natural disasters around the world recently and more are coming. Storing your gold in a safe place is crucial. If your gold coins are going to be store at home it is important that you get home owners insurance that will cover your gold. Not all home owners insurance will cover gold because of its value and its ease to steal. If storing it at home make sure that you store it in a fireproof safe that will help ensure its safety should anything happen to your house.

When storing it at a financial institution it is also important to make sure it is insured. Depending on what kind of institution you are storing it in you might need to buy separate insurance. For example gold storage vaults typically come with insurance while a safety deposit box doesn’t.

Check With Multiple Dealers

You may find a dealer that you love doing business with and want to continue to return to doing business with them. That is great but it is still important to check with multiple dealers before making a purchase. Gold prices and fees change and by comparing dealers you help to ensure that you are getting the best possible price.


With the internet it is too easy to investigate the prices of gold among dealers that there is no excuse to do a little research. If your regular dealer is good they will understand that you will want to do your research and not pressure you to buy right away. This is because they are confident in their prices and product.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

The old saying of if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, is a good phrase to guide your gold investment. There are many people out there that are trying to scam people out of their gold. It is a good idea to only do gold buying and selling through a reputable source. This allows your sales and purchases to be managed and verified by a seller. If you do your planning right you can even find a seller that will do so at little to no fee.

Delayed delivery and free storage are two signs of potential scams. People who offer to buy your gold through the mail or ask you to ship your gold to a foreign country before payment are also probably up to no good.

Gold is a great investment for many people. Gold coins allow you to store a fair amount of gold in your home or at a financial institution without having to take up large amounts of space. Gold coins are also one of the oldest forms of currency and as such have always held a good value, even when the stock market is at its lowest.


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